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The Big Number Two

Birthdays are a big deal in my family. Full stop. You go the whole mile – do the decor; bake the cakes; stuff the goodie bags; plan the games. And you do it all even if you’re working full time and haven’t slept properly in two years. If it’s your birthday, you celebrate it.

Which brings me to my second ever blog post… it’s the big number two.


Despite initially wanting to just have a quiet, family-only affair, (and by family I mean just the three of us) I couldn’t not have a small do with Ava’s little friends. So I picked a theme and rolled with it.



I wanted something different so went with a blue and green chevron motif. I’m sure Ava would’ve preferred a Peppa Pig pink-fest but she’s two, she doesn’t know what she wants. So chevrons it is. 🙂

Home made cake bunting topper and cookie

Home made cake bunting topper, cake and cookie!



A party isn’t a party without finger food! I thoroughly enjoyed making thee cute platters thanks to ideas from Pinterest.







The best bit was of course making the goodie bags for kids to take away; they always make me smile and is a nice send off for the little ones.





I’m thinking I might try for a rainbow and clouds theme next year, what do you think?